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These Wild Stories Of Truth Or Dare Games That Got Out Of Control Are Proof We All Had F’d Up Childhoods

Truth or Dare, like Spin the Bottle and Seven Minutes In Heaven, is a rite of passage for everyone of us (seriously, we’ve all played these games at least once at some point in our lives).

These games are childish, in general, and when you’re young they can be pretty innocent but as you hit the age when you start drinking Truth or Dare can get pretty real, and rather racy. Below is a collection of stories from people whose games of Truth or Dare went off the rails and got out of control. Some of these are a bit NSFW in nature, but they’re just words so I think you’ll be just fine…

I think my most exciting game of truth or dare was cut down in its prime when a guy dared his girlfriend to flash everyone and then broke down crying because now everyone had seen her bikini zone and he no longer felt special.

At my first job, back when I was a teenager, about 6 of us were playing this mid-shift. 3 girls, 3 guys. It was barely starting to get risqué and one of the guys is asked “have you ever masturbated to thoughts of a coworker?” And he says yes.
This is as juicy as it’s gotten, so we latch onto it. The next time around, he’s asked if he’s masturbated to anyone else playing. He says yes. Next round, he’s asked to name which of us he’s jerked it to. He looks at us one by one, then says “all of you.” The guys all got flustered as hell, they’d never even realized they were on the roster.

Me, a cousin, and a couple of buddies were at a youth conference in another town. After the conference was over, we got to chatting with a group of girls from the town. We decided to hang out back at our hotel room. We were all just chatting and listening to tunes when all of the sudden, all four girls went to the bathroom together, leaving us sitting there like chumps.
When they came out, they were all grinning. But we thought nothing of it. A few minutes later, one of them proposed a game of truth or dare. But, they insisted, the girls would be the ones to make all the dares. We agreed, hoping for at least some scraps of action.
Long story short, every single one of us wound up getting laid. One of the guys even did it on the floor, and the other couple fucked in the bathroom. Turns out, the girls had planned it all along. They decided in advance which of them wanted each of us, got their story straight, and then proposed the game. They’d even brought their own condoms.
The only draw back was, God, did it stink like fuck in that room when my uncle came strolling in to wake us up the next morning.

Got dared by my best friend to give my boyfriend a blowjob in front of the group. I was too nervous to actually get him off, and another friend dared my best friend to finish the job for me. He was able to get boyfriend off in about ten seconds.
Things were awkward for a long time after that.

When three of my friends, all straight males, wound up laying on the floor trying to see who could get a full raging boner first.
One of their girlfriends walked in on the competition.
We don’t play Truth Or Dare anymore.

Not truth or dare but during a game of Neve Have I Ever my friend said “never have I ever blown a guy” all the girls put down fingers. Said friend looked at my boyfriend and said “uh you have to put a finger down”. Turned out my boyfriend cheated on me with a guy. Kicker every single person in the room playing the game knew about it but me. Awkward silence ensued.

These Wild Stories Of Truth Or Dare Games That Got Out Of Control Are Proof We All Had F’d Up Childhoods

These Wild Stories Of Truth Or Dare Games That Got Out Of Control Are Proof We All Had F’d Up Childhoods


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